Random Thoughts on Cobra Kai from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 4

Jacob Schoeneberger

Jake Schoeneberger Talks Cobra Kai – July 25, 2022 Edition

So far Jacob Schoeneberger is really loving Cobra Kai. It’s so much more than just a nostalgia series that uses the old material but doesn’t offer anything new or substantial. The new characters and situations are highly engaging, but it still maintains the vibe of the older material and captures everything Jacob Schoeneberger liked about it.

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about Cobra Kai (Season 1, Episode 4)

This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.

The fourth episode begins with Johnny’s son Robby running a scam at a local computer repair store where he pretends to be an employee but just steals a computer dropped off for repair and resells it online. Robby then sees a Cobra Kai flier on the ground and scoffs at it, but something tells me he’ll be darkening the Cobra Kai door sometime soon.

We then see Johnny walking home drunk. He has flashbacks of carrying Miguel home after he got beat up. Johnny apologizes to Miguel’s mother who tells him to never come near her son again. He then sees a LaRusso Auto billboard and trades a guy some beer for his spray-paint can. Pretty sure Jake Schoeneberger knows what Johnny has in mind for that spray-paint.

The next day, Daniel makes Sam her favorite breakfast of banana-rama pancakes (nice nod to the Cruel Summer band from the first movie’s soundtrack, yeah I’ve got mad love for Bananarama) to try to make amends but Sam just leaves the house without talking to him. Then on his way to work, he sees that his billboard has been painted with a huge phallus on his face. Dang Johnny, that’s some cold-blooded, hilarious work right there!

At Miguel’s house, his mother tries to forbid him from doing karate, but his grandmother says that he’s found something he likes, and he should be able to continue. Miguel sticks up for Johnny and it’s actually really touching to see.

Johnny gets a call from Robby’s principal saying that Robby told the school that he was canoeing the Colorado River with his dad, and he’s been out of school for a month. Johnny assures the principal that Robby will be back in school soon. Then outside the apartment, Miguel tells Johnny that he wants to keep training even though his mom said not to, but Johnny tells him he’s closing up the dojo. It’s a really sad moment and it’s got Jacob Schoeneberger feeling really bad for them both.

Johnny goes to talk to Robby, but Robby says he’s done with school. As they talk he takes a couple of pot shots at Johnny too about how successful Daniel LaRusso is and how Johnny has nothing but a failing strip mall dojo in his life. Definitely a painful scene to watch.

In the library at school, Miguel is talking to Demetri and Eli but then Kyler shows up and starts picking on Eli. Miguel stands up to Kyler, but Kyler throws Demetri’s backpack in the garbage. As they’re walking away, we see that Sam witnessed the whole scene. Gotta say, Jake Schoeneberger really hopes Sam breaks up with Kyler over this. That guy will be nothing but bad news for her going forward.

Johnny finds his ex in a bar, and they argue over Robby being in school. She says she can’t make Robby do anything anymore, but Johnny says he isn’t giving up on him. She retorts, rightfully, that he gave up on Robby long ago and it’s a bit late to start trying now. And once again in this show, both sides are a little bit right, and a little bit wrong. Johnny doesn’t want to give up, but his ex is right in that it takes more than just showing up years too late to motivate Robby.

Amazing moment when Daniel goes to a rival auto dealership to call him out for using marketing techniques that insult LaRusso Auto. The owner of the dealership makes fun of him for being an ex-karate champ and makes some other crass jokes so Daniel kicks the tea out of his hand. Definitely got a hand clap out of Jake Schoeneberger on that one!

On their movie date, Sam tells Kyler she saw what he did to Miguel and his friends. He blows it off as just joking around, but she doesn’t buy it and when he touches her inappropriately she uses some of her karate skills to throw him off her. She’s definitely a strong person and we can see she’s got a good heart.

Later, Johnny goes to Miguel’s apartment and pleads with Miguel’s mom to let Miguel continue the training. He says Miguel hasn’t given up on him and if she lets him continue training he won’t fail Miguel again. Powerful words from Johnny and we really see how he’s beginning to grow as a person.

The next morning Sam comes to breakfast. She’s talking to Daniel again and tells her parents that Kyler won’t be around much anymore. That makes Daniel happy, and it definitely shows Sam makes smart decisions.

Miguel comes back to Cobra Kai and says his mom is letting him train again. Johnny tells him they’re taking it up to the next level. Then he says the best defense is more offense. Ok, that might be true in football there Johnny, but not so much in martial arts.

The final scene comes when Daniel’s cousin and his employee, who painted over his defaced billboard, shows him the Cobra Kai fliers they found up on the billboard. Now Daniel knows that Johnny painted on his billboard, and Jacob Schoeneberger realizes that this rivalry is about to blow up again big time.

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on Cobra Kai

This show has heart, and it has really relatable characters, just like the movies. This is the recipe for success for any show that Jake Schoeneberger watches and I’m looking forward to continuing this fun ride.

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