Random Thoughts on The Boys from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 3

Jake Schoeneberger

The July 22, 2022 edition of views from the mind of Jake Schoeneberger

It didn’t take long for me to get hooked on The Boys. The show definitely subverts expectations and has Jacob Schoeneberger enthralled with the possibilities of what could happen next. The acting is great and the plotlines are engaging.

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about The Boys (Season 1, Episode 3)

This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.

The third episode begins right where the second episode left off, with Hughie cleaning Translucent’s blood off his face. His hands are dirty now and there’s no going back.

Starlight gets called into Madelyn’s office and she’s expecting to be disciplined. But it turns out the woman Starlight defended came forward to thank her so now Starlight’s poll numbers up. Consequently, she meets Seth and Evan from the Marketing department, and they weave a made-up origin story for her that then leads to a proposed new outfit for her. The outfit is skimpy and revealing and Starlight insists there’s no way she’ll wear it. But Madelyn says she has to wear the new outfit or she’s out of The Seven. Sure seems like Annie has to make a lot of compromising sacrifices in order to be in The Seven, is it really worth it for her?

Back at his house, Hughie gets angry and destroys all of his supes merchandise. He knows now that he’s seen behind that curtain he can never see the world the same way again. Then he has a falling out with his father. Seems a shame to cut his clearly caring father out of his life, really makes Jake Schoeneberger feel bad for his dad.

Butcher goes to see a former colleague with the, frankly, pretty awesome name of Mother’s Milk to try to recruit him back to working with Butcher again. Milk refuses at first but he’s interested when Butcher tells him they killed Translucent. And Butcher tries to lure him further when he mentions that Translucent gave them a lead before they blew him up. Milk helps out but on the condition that he not have to work with Frenchie.

Then when Frenchie shows up, he and Milk start fighting almost immediately. It’s almost funny how good Butcher is at making a mess of things. They ultimately stop fighting and Hughie makes a plan to get into Popclaw’s place and install spyware on her devices.

Homelander shows up to help Maeve take down an active shooter. But as they’re heading to the scene he complains about how Mr. Edgar, a higher-up from the 82nd floor, is making him do everything. Homelander feels like the ordinary people should not be giving the supes orders. And he has a point. It’s kind of a mystery to Jacob Schoeneberger why the supes are answering to these corporate rules? If they hold ultimate power, why be swayed and run by these mandates?

Homelander winds up killing the shooter by punching through his chest even though he gave himself up. Maeve can tell that there’s something about Homelander that seems to be coming unglued.

Butcher’s gang is able to watch everything going on at Popclaw’s apartment through her devices’ cameras. They learn that if A-Train loses his race with Shockwave, Madelyn says he’ll be kicked out of The Seven. So he wants to take the Compound V that Popclaw has stashed. But Popclaw says it amps him up too much and last time he ran through a girl. So now we know a little more about Compound V (steroids for supes) and we know how Robin was killed. And now Butcher says they have to get their hands on some V to run tests on it.

At the race the next day, Starlight wears her new costume and is subjected to sexist comments. The worst part is, she can’t put the guys doing it in their place because Ashley is watching her every move. Hughie recognizes her as Annie, who he spoke to on the bench the other day. He starts speaking to her again to distract her from going into the locker room, because Frenchie has broken in there trying to get a sample of Compound V. Hughie buys Frenchie time by offering to buy Annie a beer. This kind of stinks because Annie has been dealing with a lot of crummy people lately, and she doesn’t deserve to have Hughie using her now too. Jake Schoeneberger feels really bad for her, because she and Hughie shared a genuinely nice moment. He’s spoiling that now, but we realize he has a very important mission. He wants to take The Seven down, but that will make Annie a target too.

As they talk, Annie says that Vought doesn’t actually want her to be a hero, they just want her to look like one. Hughie shuts his mic off so that he can speak to her privately without Butcher hearing him. He realizes that when she said she hated her job earlier she actually meant her job in The Seven. He tells her to just walk away, that she has nothing to prove. At heart, Hughie is truly a decent guy. Annie sees that too, and she offers him her number.

Just as the race is about to start, they see that A-Train is pretty wired so Butcher says he must have shot up the V. This means they’re too late to get a sample. But Milk looks on his device to see what Popclaws is doing in her apartment and decides to go pay her a visit.

A-Train wins the race but afterward, when asked if he has a special girl, he says he’s “too fast to catch.” This hurts Popclaws so she shoots up the V. While she’s wired on V, her landlord comes to collect the rent. She seduces him instead and winds up killing him during rough sex. The gang sees it all happen from their truck.

After that happens, Butcher and Frenchie go to Popclaw’s apartment to confront her, and man does Jacob Schoeneberger ever have a bad feeling about this idea. Butcher tells her they’ll sort out the mess she made by killing her landlord if she tells them everything she knows about Compound V.

Back at The Seven headquarters, Deep and Homelander show Madelyn what Deep found at the bottom of the harbor. It’s the case that Butcher put Translucent’s body parts in. On the inside of the cover, Butcher spray-painted “Coming for you.” And just like that, Butcher declares war on Vought and The Seven, and Jacob Schoeneberger is officially hooked on this show.

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on The Boys

The show is beginning to interweave storylines and allegiances really well. Jacob Schoeneberger is wondering how far Hughie will be willing to go when it comes to betraying Annie. He’s a good person, but we know he’s serious in wanting revenge on A-Train and Vought. Annie will be caught in the middle of that. Kinda makes Jake Schoeneberger sad that everywhere she turns she gets taken advantage of.

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