Random Thoughts on She-Hulk from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 2

Jacob Schoeneberger

Jake Schoeneberger Shares Thoughts on She-Hulk – August 26, 2022

The first episode of She-Hulk was awesome. It was funny, it had a style and personality all its own, and it definitely had the potential to become a really great action show. Jacob Schoeneberger loved every minute and I’m so looking forward to every week’s new episodes now.

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about She-Hulk (Season 1, Episode 2)

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The second episode begins with news segments talking about Jen’s heroic actions in court stopping the super-powered influencer, Titania. She has been given the nickname She-Hulk and she’s not exactly enamored with it. Who would be?

At the bar, she receives a hero’s reception and turns into Hulk for the crowd’s enjoyment. But she accidentally drinks too much as Hulk so when she turns back to Jen she’s pretty tipsy. Which is unfortunate because her boss fires her on account of how the trial was declared a mistrial due to the whole smashing up the courtroom thing, and now she’s seen as a liability to the DA’s office. Jake Schoeneberger is pretty annoyed by this. I mean, she was just trying to do the right thing, and this is the thanks she gets? That’s some BS, DA.

In the next scene we see Jen getting rejected in several interviews. It seems no one wants to hire what they consider a “distraction” or “sideshow.” Ok, I’m going to go along with this, but I have to think that in the real world some firm would want the publicity that goes along with having Jen as a lawyer on staff. I mean, that’s free publicity. And I don’t know what lawyer commercials are like where you live, but the ones I see aren’t exactly all about being classy. I feel like there’s a job out there for Jen. But I digress.

Classic scene when Jen is invited to family dinner and has to deal with both the awkwardness of being fired and being outed as having powers. Jacob Schoeneberger definitely laughed out loud when her father asked if Hawkeye has to go around collecting all the arrows he shot. Classic dad question.

Then her dad has a heart-to-heart with her and gives her some good advice. He says now that the secret is out, she’s still standing and now she gets to move on with that weight lifted off her shoulders.

As she’s having a drink later, Mr. Holliway from the law firm GLK and H (that Jen had built a winning case against before it was declared a mistrial) approaches her to offer her a job. At first she thinks he’s joking but he assures her he’s not. He wants her to head up a new division at his firm (and Jake Schoeneberger is assuming it must have something to do with superhero stuff). She accepts only on the condition that she can hire her own paralegal, something he couldn’t care less about.

And sure enough, on her first day Holliway tells her he’s started a Superhuman Law Division at the firm, and as the head of the division her wants her to always be She-Hulk at work and in court. I get why he wants that publicity, but I wonder if this will feel like “selling out” to Jen. She held her powers as very personal to her and she only revealed them when she had to protect people. This may feel strange to her to now use them as a way to make herself marketable, when she was perfectly capable of doing her job just fine before she went green.

As Holliway is showing her around the office, Jen breaks the 4th wall and says how much it sucks. She was totally capable of doing the job she’s hired for but now everyone will think she just got the job because she’s Hulk. Jacob Schoeneberger really feels how spot on this show is about representing the difficulties women have in the workplace.

Nikki is in her office and tries to reassure Jen that it’s worth being in Hulk form to get the huge upgrade in their jobs. She points out all the perks and tries to make Jen feel better about her choice. Then a coworker named Pug drops by to bring them a welcome basket with snacks, office supplies, and a map to the best bathroom in the building for pooping. Holy cow, Pug is the greatest coworker ever.

In Holliway’s office, he drops a bombshell. Jen’s first case is the parole of Emil Blonsky, better known as Abomination. And Jake Schoeneberger has to pick his jaw up off the floor. Jen says she can’t represent Blonsky due to the conflict of interest since he tried to kill Bruce, but Holliway doesn’t care. Blonsky even signed a conflict waiver for Jen to represent him. When she says she’s uncomfortable, Holliway tells her that if she doesn’t take the case, she doesn’t have a job. Well, that sums it up.

Jen goes to the high-security prison to meet with Blonsky. His first message to her is “namaste,” and boy does that ever throw you for a loop. He explains that he has changed his entire mindset and now chooses not to ever become Abomination. He also explains that he thought he was the good guy, just trying to take down the Hulk who was a major threat. But now Hulk is the hero and he’s locked up. When he asks if she’ll help him, she says she’ll think about it.

Later she calls Bruce to tell him she’s decided to take the job defending Blonsky, but also to make sure it’s all right with him. He says the fight was years ago, and that he was a different person (literally), and once again Jacob Schoeneberger nearly died laughing at that well-played joke. But when she asks if he’s coming to visit, he says not for a while because he has some things to take care of and then we see he’s on a spaceship. Interesting. Must have something to do with that spaceship that made them crash in the first episode.

Jen then calls Holliway to tell him that she’s accepting the job and has already built a case that she feels is a winner. He thanks her and welcomes her aboard, but he tells her she should probably turn on the news. She does and we see footage of Abomination breaking out of prison. Hmmm, that’s interesting. So you’re telling me Blonsky just did about 15 years only to break out at the exact moment he was about to have a really good shot at parole? This has Jacob Schoeneberger shaking his head. I wonder if he timed it so that he met Jen before his escape. Some sort of revenge thing? The plot thickens.

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on She-Hulk

Great end credits scene of Jen’s family making her do odd jobs around the house as Hulk. I mean, wouldn’t everyone’s family do that to them? If I ever get a Hulk relative, that’ll be the last time Jacob Schoeneberger ever has to move another dang couch. Period.

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