Random Thoughts on She-Hulk from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 3

Jacob Schoeneberger

Jake Schoeneberger Shares Thoughts on She-Hulk – September 2, 2022

Could not be more excited about the first couple episodes of She-Hulk. The humor is awesome, the characters are relatable, and breaking the 4th wall is so fun and disarming that Jacob Schoeneberger thinks this has the makings of an instant classic.

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about She-Hulk (Season 1, Episode 3)

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The third episode begins with Jen yelling at Blonsky, who is back in prison. He says he was forced to leave his cell but returned to it of his own free will. When she asks him what forced him to leave his cell, he says the Sorcerer Supreme whose name is Wong. That’s a fun little twist Jake Schoeneberger totally did not see coming.

But Jen flips the script and tells viewers not to expect cameos in every episode, and to remember whose show it is. I can’t stop laughing.

It seems She-Hulk is now trending online, and Nikki wants Jen to control her own narrative. But Jen is concentrating on the job at hand and that involves finding Wong.

Jen gets called into Holliway’s office. Dennis from the DA’s office is there, and he has an issue he wants to hire GLK & H for. But he’s dropping all sorts of crass remarks and he doesn’t want Jen on his case. It seems he wants to get his money back from an ex-girlfriend who is actually a shapeshifting Light Elf from New Asgard, hence involving the Superhuman Law Division. Jacob Schoeneberger has to think all this superhuman stuff is going to get dizzying for all the lawyers involved. Are there statutes against shapeshifting on the law books, what precedent are we citing here?

Just then, Wong appears right there in the office. Jen excuses herself to talk to him. Wong tells her that Blonsky was telling the truth, he did in fact take him from the prison for some training against a worthy opponent in order to become Sorcerer Supreme. She asks that Wong show up to the parole hearing to vouch for Blonsky, and Wong drops some hilarious lines about not erasing people’s memories because it gets too messy. The show continues to draw laughs in every scene!

Pug is working with Dennis and learns that Dennis dropped $175,000 on his shapeshifting ex-girlfriend, who he actually thought was Megan Thee Stallion. Pug says he’ll start building the case and Dennis leaves. But then he comes back in a minute later and says he had a change of heart and has decided to drop the case. Uh oh, Jake Schoeneberger smells a shapeshifter here! And sure enough, Dennis calls Pug a moment later so Pug calls security immediately. The shapeshifter walks out, but not before issuing a warning to Pug.

At the parole hearing, Wong hasn’t shown up so Jen asks Blonsky to make a statement first. He speaks well, but things take a turn when he introduces the seven soulmates he met through the prison pen pal program, who plan to support him financially when he’s released. So Jen calls some character witnesses who worked with Blonsky at the prison. That helps, but still no Wong who is the person she really needs to exonerate him of the prison break. She stalls just long enough for Wong to suddenly appear.

Meanwhile, in court, the lawyer for Runa the shapeshifter asks for all charges to be dropped because she is the daughter of a diplomat and claims diplomatic immunity. But the judge says that immunity only applies to New Asgard, not to Earth, so there will be a trial. But Runa can’t help but shapeshift to become the judge after he makes his ruling so yet another good laugh drops.

In the parole hearing, Wong says that he removed Blonsky from his cell against his will, and that Blonsky voluntarily returned to his cell afterward. But when asked whether he can control changing into Abomination, Blonsky then transforms to show everyone he’s in complete control. But his transformation freaks everyone out, and it definitely had Jacob Schoeneberger laughing out loud.

Jen makes a reasonable closing statement saying Blonsky only did that to prove he won’t accidentally become Abomination if freed, and the board says they will deliberate on the matter. But another hilarious moment comes when they remind Wong that he just admitted to breaking a prisoner out of prison. He immediately creates a door and slips away, and more laughs ensue.

At the bar after the hearing, Jen complains to Nikki about the treatment she’s receiving. The media is trying to make her a sideshow when she’s just trying to do her job. Then Pug comes in and complains about Dennis. When Jen says how deluded Dennis is, Pug asks her if she’d be willing to say that under oath, and Jake Schoeneberger has a pretty good idea what Pug’s strategy in court will be.

When Pug questions Jen in court, she says that Dennis is conceited. So when Pug asks her if she thinks Dennis is the kind of guy who would actually believe he was dating Megan Thee Stallion, she says yes because he’s absolutely that delusional. This wins the case, and the judge also sentences Runa to 60 days for impersonating a judge. Then came the moment that Jacob Schoeneberger was praying would happen. The real Megan Thee Stallion is in the back of the courtroom and declares there’s only one of her. Heck yes, that was awesome!

The parole board grants Blonsky’s release on the condition that he never turn into Abomination again and he was to wear an inhibitor in perpetuity. Blonsky thanks Jen for her work and she says he can thank her by staying out of the news because she doesn’t want to read about either of them again. He responds, quite wisely, that they’re going to write about her anyway so why not be a part of it. It’s the exact advice Nikki was giving her from the start!

So Jen does an interview on a news program, but of course it can’t go well at all. After asking how she came up with the name She-Hulk, the interviewer heads to commercial and says that She-Hulk will share her diet and exercise secrets after the break. Once again, the show nails the double standard women are subjected to every day.

On the way back to her house, Jen gets jumped by a gang of dudes wielding Asgardian weapons. Jen beats the snot out of them, but back in their truck we find that their objective was to get some of her blood for their boss. They weren’t able to pierce her skin with the needle so this attempt failed. But it seems someone out there is trying to get a sample of Jen’s blood for nefarious reasons, and Jake Schoeneberger senses the plot is about to get pretty thick in here.

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on She-Hulk

The show has consistent laughs throughout and it handles its themes impeccably. Every episode has been a joy and Jacob Schoeneberger can’t wait to see where this new development will lead. And the post-credits scenes are always spot on. Jacob Schoeneberger looks forward to what will happen next week.

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