Random Thoughts on She-Hulk from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 4

Jacob Schoeneberger

Jake Schoeneberger Shares Thoughts on She-Hulk – September 9, 2022

The fun never stops on She-Hulk. The show does a great job of mixing humor with a commentary on gender relations and the female struggles in the world. Every episode features something fun and witty, and Jacob Schoeneberger enjoys every second of it.

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about She-Hulk (Season 1, Episode 4)

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The fourth episode begins with a magician named Donny Blaze performing for a small crowd who is thoroughly unimpressed with his tricks. Then he pulls out a conjuring ring like Dr Strange uses and summons a fire doorway, and the volunteer he invited onstage from the audience goes through it. She winds up at Kamar-Taj in Nepal with Wong after apparently fighting some goblins in a different dimension. And she ruins the episode of The Sopranos that Wong was about to watch. Ok, seriously that might be the most random beginning of any show Jake Schoeneberger has ever seen.

Jen’s father comes to her place to set up security measures because of how she was attacked. He’s mad at her for not calling the police, but she insists she’s a Hulk so she’ll be fine. That whole Hulk thing is a pretty good trump card for most disagreements.

Wong shows up in Jen’s office to complain about Donny Blaze. Apparently Donny was a former student of the mystic arts but he was kicked out for misusing his powers. Well, that explains how he has the ring. Now Wong wants to bring legal action against Donny because he’s sending people to other dimensions and putting them in grave danger. Now Jen is on the case even though no students ever actually sign any sort of contract to study the mystic arts. Big oversight there Wong.

At the bar, Jen continues to work through her cases, but Nikki helps her set up a dating profile. Nikki even suggests she create a profile as She-Hulk, but Jacob Schoeneberger definitely thinks that’s a bad idea. Remember how Bruce was saying how being a Hulk puts a target on your back? Her very blood is worth a lot to some bad villains, and while those puny thugs she beat up are no big deal, what happens when some real baddies show up? And a profile as She-Hulk is like inviting that trouble.

Jen and Wong serve Donny with a cease and desist, and the exchange is pretty hilarious. He wants to have a magic competition with Wong, but that would just be no contest.

Then Jen goes on a terrible date with a dude who’s totally self-absorbed and doesn’t even listen to her. Seems like the dating world is going to be quite the challenge.

At the trial, the judge asks Jen if there are any witnesses who can corroborate that Donny is using his magic in a negligent way. Wong hates the idea, but he has to create a doorway to bring back the volunteer who showed up at Kamar-Taj. Her name is Madisynn and she’s kind of a mess. She’s always drinking and totally vapid, but she creates quite the funny entrance when she enters court and calls him Wongers. Definitely had Jake Schoeneberger laughing out loud.

The judge rules that she will deliberate on the case and render her verdict in a few weeks, but she grants Donny the ability to use magic in the interim, pending her decision. Then Madisynn makes Wongers take her out for froyo and drops another Sopranos spoiler and I am so definitely shipping these two as a couple. They’re made for each other.

Later that evening, Jen gives in and creates a dating profile for She-Hulk. She immediately gets dozens of matches, but this definitely has Jacob Schoeneberger very nervous. Her first few dates go pretty terribly, but then she goes on a date with a pediatric oncologist who actually asks to hear about her life and opinions and oh my goodness this guy might actually be a winner.

Donny is doing another show but when he opens this doorway his volunteer refuses to go in because she knows of someone who got stranded the last time he did this trick. So Donny tries a different trick and uses the ring to conjure a bird which then lays an egg. The egg hatches a tiny creature which grows rapidly. When he conjures another door to get rid of it, he winds up unleashing a whole bunch of little monsters. Way to go, Donny.

Donny then opens a door to call in Wong’s help, which is the only smart thing he’s done in the entire episode. Wong tries to call Jen on her phone, but her date is going really well with the oncologist so she’s ignoring her calls. So Wong conjures a portal into Jen’s house and sees her with her date. Unfortunately Wong needs Jen’s help with the creatures so it looks like her date is ruined. She just can’t catch a break.

Wong fixes the portal and Jen starts smashing the demons and throwing them back through the portal. All the while she complains about not being on the date with the one nice guy she’s met. The whole scene had Jake Schoeneberger dying laughing. They’re able to get all the demons back into the portal and Donny agrees to the terms of the cease and desist. But the best news is that Wong gets her back to her place in time to enjoy the rest of her night with her date.

The next day doesn’t quite work out, though. She’s back in Jen form and her date suddenly goes cold on her. Well, that sucks. If you’re gonna love She-Hulk, ya gotta love Jen too. So he’s out. Then a news report shows that Titania has been cleared of all charges stemming from the destruction at court. That’s curious, how did she beat that rap? Then there’s a knock on her door and Jen is served papers because Titania is suing her for the use of the name She-Hulk, which Titania patented. Ok, that has Jacob Schoeneberger scratching his head. You can trademark someone else’s moniker? So weird.

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on She-Hulk

The hits just keep on coming in this show. The humor crackles, and the pace is so perfect. It’s such a lighthearted and fun way to introduce this really cool character. But it also deals with serious issues and makes you think about experiences women have in our society. The show has Jacob Schoeneberger looking forward to the release of a new episode every week.

That post-credits scene of Wong and Madisynn discussing their favorite drinks only further convinces me that we will all enjoy watching them walk down the aisle together one day.

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