Random Thoughts on She-Hulk from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 5

Jacob Schoeneberger

Jake Schoeneberger Shares Thoughts on She-Hulk – September 16, 2022

The second you hit play to watch She-Hulk all you can think about is how fun this next episode will be. The show has a great sense of humor, but it also touches on social issues really well. And Jacob Schoeneberger instantly fell in love with that Wongers and Madisynn pairing, how can you not love them?

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about She-Hulk (Season 1, Episode 5)

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The fifth episode begins with Titania’s commercial for She-Hulk, the luxurious new line of skin care, beauty, and wellness products. Didn’t take long for that name to get co-opted into something about beauty and the traditional definitions of femininity. And Jen also hears a radio ad where she calls her followers “Titaniacs” and that seriously made Jake Schoeneberger do a hard facepalm.

Then Jen’s brother, Ched, barges into her place with dozens of She-Hulk beauty products for her to sign. He gives her the oh so helpful advice of telling her that if she had trademarked the name first, then Titania wouldn’t have been able to, and this gets Jen to rage-scream into a pillow. She sure gets talked down to an awful lot, huh…

Jen and Nikki head to an event where Titania is selling her beauty products to confront her. But Titania stonewalls them and even gets Jen to take a picture of her with a fan. Oh that’s low.

Pug drops by Nikki’s office and asks her to stand in line with him because he wants to buy two pairs of the new Iron Man Three sneakers (one to rock and one to stock). Every scene just makes Jacob Schoeneberger realize Pug is the coolest. Pug has a hook-up who can find all sorts of rare clothing items, so Nikki calls in her favor to find Jen some custom clothes for when she’s She-Hulk. Dang, Nikki is a good friend.

When Pug and Nikki arrive at the front business, at first they’re forced to buy cheap knock-off Avengers stuff in order to meet with the head guy for the real custom superhero gear. Pretty sure Jake Schoeneberger is buying everyone Avongers t-shirts and mugs as holiday gifts this year. Then they have to lie and say the client they represent is an Avenger in order to score a consultation.

Holliway calls Jen into his office asking about why he’s seeing advertisements for the She-Hulk beauty brand. He’s not happy that the firm is involved in a frivolous lawsuit. He assigns a lawyer, Book, to Jen’s case who comes up with the brilliant plan of countersuing Titania and proving Jen was already using She-Hulk in a professional capacity before Titania filed the trademark. Yes, get aggressive.

Book makes a strong argument in court, but Titania’s lawyer shows footage of Jen renouncing the name She-Hulk on camera when she was first annoyed that she was being called that. Book responds with an interview of Jen saying whether she likes it or not she is now forever known as She-Hulk. The judge asks for more evidence and calls a recess until a few days later for them to present it.

Nikki takes Jen to meet Luke, the superhero designer. He’s unimpressed by Jen and was hoping for an actual Avenger. Jeez, Jacob Schoeneberger is wondering what you have to do to get a little respect as a Hulk these days. But Luke realizes Jen’s special requirements are worthy of his skill when he sees the size difference between when she’s Jen and when she’s She-Hulk. He takes on the challenge of design clothing that will expand and contract for both of Jen’s forms.

Jen then realizes that she created the dating profile as She-Hulk and every guy she went on a date with as She-Hulk can be a corroborating witness that she was using the She-Hulk identity. This could win the case for her.

Though it’s embarrassing, all of the guys she dated take the stand in the trial. The judge finds in favor of Jen, and Titania has to cease using the name She-Hulk and recall all products bearing that name.

Jen buys Book a drink after the verdict to thank her for winning the case. They commiserate on how ridiculous it is that Jen has to prove herself, both in court and at her job. But of course Jen has to embarrass herself further by saying how happy she is that she and Book are friends now. Jake Schoeneberger definitely thinks that her habit of putting her foot in her mouth is one of Jen’s most endearing, and hilarious, qualities.

Then Jen goes to pick up her clothes from Luke. She loves what he’s made for her, and he even threw in a little something extra. And he picks up a box at the end which clearly contains Daredevil’s new helmet. So awesome! But, if Luke is making DD’s outfits now, he has big shoes to fill. Your work better be up to Marvin’s quality, Luke.

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on She-Hulk

Another hilarious episode. And Jacob Schoeneberger loves how they’re tying in a reference to Daredevil. Jacob Schoeneberger definitely thinks Jen and Matt should become friends.

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