Random Thoughts on The Sandman from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 9

Jacob Schoeneberger

Jed is now in the hands of Corinthian and Jacob Schoeneberger has a pretty bad feeling about this development. Besides the obvious fear for Jed’s life, we have to ask ourselves what price will Corinthian make Morpheus pay to set all this right? This is going to get worse before it gets better.

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about The Sandman (Season 1, Episode 9)

This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.

The ninth episode begins with Rose explaining to Lyta how she thinks she found Jed in her dream. And that when she went to find him, the foster parents were dead, and Jed was gone. Then Lyta shows Rose that she’s pregnant. Rose believes somehow she caused Lyta’s pregnancy, and Jake Schoeneberger is just as confused as Lyta on this. We need some answers.

Matthew flies back to The Dreaming to explain Lyta’s pregnancy to Lucienne. She explains that Rose is weakening the walls between the realms, but Lucienne says she’s not going to tell Morpheus because of his slight against her when he reminded her that she’s just the librarian. Obviously she’s still upset and rightfully so but someone has to tell Morpheus about this development!

Lucienne tells Matthew that he should report any news directly to Morpheus from now on and not involve her. She says he’s determined to handle the vortex and the missing Arcana by himself. Matthew suggests she should make up with Morpheus, but she doesn’t seem to like the idea.

Corinthian and Jed are having ice cream and he tells Jed they’re heading to meet Rose. But he has to do a “work” thing and stop at his convention. Ugh, Jacob Schoeneberger has a sneaking suspicion that this won’t end well. They’re not going to Comic-Con.

Lyta tells Rose that she’s thinking about living in her dreams with Hector now that she’s pregnant. She says Rose can always come visit her there. Something about that just sounds too fishy. But then Rose gets a phone call and it’s Corinthian. He puts Jed on the phone and Jed tells her they’re at a hotel in Georgia about three hours away for the “Cereal Convention.” Nice play on words there. After the phone conversation, Gilbert insists on accompanying Rose on her trip, and Jake Schoeneberger thinks that’s a splendid idea.

As Rose and Gilbert are traveling to Georgia, Lyta’s dream with Hector gets interrupted by a strange earthquake. Hector can’t explain it, but he doesn’t seem worried. He probably should be though because we start to see major cracks and faults forming within The Dreaming.

Morpheus notices cracks forming as well. Mervyn shows up in the palace looking for Lucienne but finds Morpheus instead. He tells Mervyn to start reporting things to him from now on, and vows to find out what’s damaging The Dreaming. But he then goes to Lucienne and asks rather meekly if she has any idea what’s causing the damage. He offers a fairly weak apology, which she clearly doesn’t accept, but she does offer her opinion on the seismic activity. She feels it has to be Rose, but he thinks it must be something new since Rose has visited The Dreaming previously without causing damage.

Rose calls Unity and she offers to bring Rose and Jed over to London and to make Rose Jed’s legal guardian. Rose and Unity are both very happy, but Jacob Schoeneberger is literally terrified that this rug is about to get pulled out from under them.

Corinthian heads down to the convention, but makes Jed promise to stay in the room safe. Jed has other plans though, and he heads out. At the convention, it’s intensely creepy to see so many serial killers in one place. Corinthian gets a huge round of applause when he’s introduced as guest of honor, and we find that Jed is in the back peeking through the door watching events. Uh oh.

Rose falls asleep during the car trip and meets Lyta in her dream. Lyta complains that she’s so ready for the baby to arrive because it’s been months, but Rose tells her it’s only been two hours. Lyta assumes time must work differently in her dreams. As they head to the house Lyta shares with Hector, we find that Morpheus and Matthew are there. Morpheus says Lucienne was right about Rose being the source of the damage and that he will take care of it.

Morpheus is already waiting in the house with Hector when Rose and Lyta arrive. Morpheus tells them that neither a ghost nor a living being can hide or escape their grief in The Dreaming, and that he cannot allow them to stay. He lets them say good-bye, but Lyta fights it so he forces Hector to dissolve away. He then tells Lyta she can keep her baby for now, but because it was conceived in The Dreaming it belongs to him and that he will come for it eventually. This rightfully angers both Lyta and Rose, but Morpheus ends the dream and sends them both back to the waking world. Something tells Jake Schoeneberger that Morpheus may have just made a big mistake. Getting Rose angry won’t end well for him.

And then Rose shows up in his palace. She tells Morpheus to leave her and her friends alone because she knows the power she wields as the vortex. Then she awakens and Lyta calls her immediately. Rose promises that she won’t let Dream bother them ever again or take the baby. Then Gilbert and Rose arrive at the hotel.

Corinthian has a conversation with a convention attendee claiming to be the Boogieman, but he knows he can’t be because the Boogieman died three years ago. The convention organizers, Nimrod and The Good Doctor, say they’ll look into it.

Rose calls Corinthian but has to leave a message. When they wander around looking for Jed, they’re told that they can’t enter into any of the convention areas. But Rose steals two name badges for them and they continue their search. As Gilbert drops into sessions and listens to their subject matter, he realizes this isn’t a cereal convention at all.

Nimrod and The Good Doctor tell Corinthian they’ve found out who their impostor is, and he suggests they all team up to take care of him. Just then Gilbert sees Corinthian and for a moment they recognize one another. Could it be that Gilbert is Fiddler’s Green? Hmmm, this has Jacob Schoeneberger a bit puzzled.

Gilbert leaves a message for Rose at the front desk and then he scurries out before Corinthian can get to him. The Boogieman finds Corinthian and distracts him, so he asks if they can go someplace quieter. Rose goes to the front desk a moment later and the receptionist gives her a room key and tells her that Gilbert had to leave.

In The Dreaming, Morpheus tells Lucienne she was right all along about Rose causing the damage. He says he shouldn’t have risked the safety of their realm in the hope that Rose would lead them to the missing Arcana. But then Lucienne says he was right because Rose did call both Corinthian and Fiddler’s Green to her. Then Gilbert appears and it looks like Jake Schoeneberger was right, he is Fiddler’s Green. Gilbert apologizes for leaving but he was curious about the waking world. And now he warns Morpheus that Corinthian has a cult of followers who are all now killing just like he does. Plus, he says that Corinthian has found Rose so Morpheus insists he tell him where they are.

Corinthian gets the impostor alone, but then The Good Doctor and Nimrod arrive. All three begin killing the impostor, but then Jed comes in and sees what’s going on. Jed turns and runs but then he bumps into Fun Land, another one of the convention organizers, who takes him to his room.

In The Dreaming, Gilbert talks to Lucienne and she tells him that Rose is a vortex. Now he feels awful because he thinks Morpheus will have to kill her. That’s not good for Rose.

At the hotel, Rose goes to her room and finds Jed’s half-eaten lunch. She calls to him and he hears her from down the hall, and they run to each other. But Fun Land doesn’t want to let Jed go, and he chases them through the halls. Fun Land traps them in a dead end, but just as he’s about to grab them Corinthian stabs him from behind. From the frying pan into the fire…

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on The Sandman

These episodes are a roller coaster ride of emotions, and they have Jacob Schoeneberger on the edge of his seat every time. We can only hope Morpheus will find Rose in time, but will he wind up helping or hurting her?

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