Random Thoughts on She-Hulk from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 7

Jacob Schoeneberger part 7

Jake Schoeneberger Shares Thoughts on She-Hulk – September 30, 2022

What more can you ask of She-Hulk? The show is funny and has a unique point of view, and the stakes are about to get pretty high. It’s exactly the breath of fresh air Jacob Schoeneberger was hoping it could be.

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about She-Hulk (Season 1, Episode 7)

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The seventh episode begins with Jen in a state of seeming bliss. She’s seeing Josh, they’re hanging out and texting one another, and it all seems to be going pretty well. But then the unspeakable happens and he doesn’t text back after their first night spent together. Oh man, the agony is too much. It’s got Jake Schoeneberger cringing just watching. Trying to do that psychic thing where you will your phone to ring. Alas, a watched phone never dings.

When it finally does ring it’s Blonsky’s parole officer telling her that Blonsky’s inhibitor pinged. He asks her to meet him at Blonsky’s ranch just in case Abomination makes an appearance.

Turns out Blonsky just got a shock from an electric fence when his favorite chicken, Princess Silk Feather, got stuck. That’s what made the inhibitor malfunction. Jacob Schoeneberger has to say, so worth it as long as Princess Silk Feather is ok.

Just as Jen is about to leave, two guys smash into her car as they fight. It’s Man-Bull and El Aguila, but they’re just working with Blonsky on how to take out their aggressions in a healthy manner. But now that her car is undrivable, Jen has to spend the day at the ranch and there’s no reception and no wi-fi there. She might as well have gone back in time, are you kidding me?

As she’s searching for some cell reception, she finally gets a single bar when she stumbles into a group meeting Blonsky is leading. Man-Bull, El Aguila, Saracen, and Porcupine are there. Then in walks the guy who attacked her in like the second episode, and Jacob Schoeneberger nearly fell off the couch when she paused everything and called a Previously On so we could remember his scene. Same guy who tried to get her blood sample, goes by the name Wrecker.

Jen goes Hulk and throws Wrecker across the room but that just gets her put in the Calming Chair. When Jen is welcomed into the circle, Blonsky asks her if there’s anything she’d like to get off her chest, because she’s glued to her phone. She admits that she hasn’t heard from Josh, and that she just texted him that she’s getting a little worried and threw in a blushing smile emoji. This gets laughs from the group and it’s definitely a laugh out loud moment for Jake Schoeneberger.

She then opens up to the group about how she can be the awesome She-Hulk anytime she wants, but it feels like cheating. She wants to be liked as Jen and it hurts that it seemed like Josh liked Jen but now he’s ghosting her. The group then offers her support and kind words, and they really make her feel accepted and better about herself. They even make her delete Josh’s number from her phone.

After Jen leaves the ranch with her car being towed, we get a flashback to three days earlier. We find Josh has copied everything on Jen’s phone and he’s working on getting a sample of her blood. Uh oh.

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on She-Hulk

This episode was actually really touching. It was nice to see the group accept Jen for who she is, and get a few really good laughs, but all the while she was also betrayed by Josh. It’s like how will Jen ever know who she can actually trust? And now it has Jacob Schoeneberger wondering who this group that’s trying to get her blood is.

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