Random Thoughts on She-Hulk from Jacob Schoeneberger Part 8

Jacob Schoeneberger Part 8

Jake Schoeneberger Shares Thoughts on She-Hulk – October 7, 2022

Can’t stop laughing in every episode of She-Hulk. So great to see a light-hearted Marvel show that’s able to have some fun and be irreverent. Jacob Schoeneberger is definitely hoping Jen will play a huge role in future Avengers adventures.

With that in mind, here are some random observations Jacob Schoeneberger has on the show.

All the Jake Schoeneberger Random Opinions about She-Hulk (Season 1, Episode 8)

*This will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t watched the show yet.*

The eighth episode begins with a guy who calls himself Leapfrog in Jen’s office. His supposedly inflammable hero costume caught fire in a botched attempt to foil a robbery when he tried to fly away with his rocket boots. Now his legs are burned, and he wants justice. But the irony is the guy wants to sue Luke Jacobson, who is the only person Jen can rely on to give her outfits tailored to her unique physique. And the whole scene is so hilarious Jake Schoeneberger nearly fell on the floor laughing.

Jen doesn’t want to take the case, but Holliway tells her that Leapfrog’s father, Patilio Sr., is one of the firm’s biggest clients. Holliway suggests Jen talk to Luke to make him come to an agreement with Patilio so the case doesn’t need to go to trial.

When Jen explains the situation to Luke, he insists he’s never made a defective suit in his life. Jen says it doesn’t need to go to trial if he takes responsibility but that is tantamount to the world’s worst insult to Luke. He tears up the dress he’s making for Jen for her Female Lawyer of the Year Award gala and says she’s never getting another outfit from him again. Oh Jacob Schoeneberger is ready to cry, that’s just too harsh. Jen is furious and tells Luke she’ll see him in court.

In court, Luke’s counsel hasn’t yet arrived, and the judge asks Luke who will we representing him. Then in walks Matt Freakin’ Murdock like a boss to represent Luke, and Jake Schoeneberger stood up and cheered. Daredevil is in the house, people!

Jen and Matt, who I’m officially shipping HARD, then debate whether calling in any of Luke’s other clients to testify to the quality of his outfits should be allowed in the case. Matt argues that since Luke’s clients are superheroes who wish to maintain their privacy, they shouldn’t be called into court and the judge agrees. Score one for Matt. Then, like a fool, Patilio pulls out his boots and Matt can smell that he used jet fuel in them, which was against Luke’s instructions. Absolutely hilarious moment when Matt says that Patilio is lying and says, “Don’t ask me how I know, I just know.” And the judge responds, “Yes, we all know he’s lying.” Perfect moment! The judge then dismisses the case, and Luke refuses to be Jen’s tailor even after she begs him. Bummer.

At the bar afterward, Matt buys Jen a drink. Their banter is just too awesome and I’m loving them together. But then Matt makes the pitch that Jen can use the law to help people when society fails them, and She-Hulk can help people when the law fails them. And Jacob Schoeneberger thinks that might just be the most Daredevil thing he’s ever said. Unfortunately, Matt gets called away, and Jen has to go meet the weirdo guy Todd she went on a date with because he has law matters to discuss with her. That Jen/Matt meeting was way too brief! I know they belong together as much as Jacob Schoeneberger knows Madisynn and Wongers belong together; some things are meant to be.

Apparently this Todd dude bought a Wakandan spear for a million bucks and now Wakanda wants it back. Well yeah, duh, that thing’s probably vibranium. Jen refuses to represent him and bolts when he tries to put the moves on her, but I’m surprised she didn’t slap him even earlier when he yelled, “Wakanda forever.” What a tool.

When Jen gets home, Leapfrog calls her begging for help because he’s being chased. She says she’ll come to help him then stops at the door. Looks like she’s getting the She-Hulk outfit Luke made for her. Sweet!

She-Hulk shows up and stops Leapfrog’s car, throwing the guy who was holding onto the roof off. And it turns out the guy following Leapfrog was none other than… you guessed it, Daredevil. This makes Jake Schoeneberger so happy I can’t even find the words. Her costume looks solid and now she’s squaring off to fight DD. This is all sorts of awesome.

DD eludes her pretty well as he chases down Leapfrog. But She-Hulk pulls out the old hand clap shockwave and this completely throws DD off tumbling into a car. She grabs him and rips off his mask, and his secret is out. Matt explains that Leapfrog actually kidnapped Luke and is holding him hostage. She gets in a solid burn when she says he should forgive her that she assumed the guy wearing the devil outfit was the bad guy. Then he tells her he’s Daredevil, the killer theme music to that awesome show kicks in, and Jen scores another sick burn when she says she’s never heard of him. But then they team up to go after Leapfrog and save Luke. So happy, so very, very happy.

DD suggests he go into the Lily Pad, Leapfrog’s lame hideout, and take out the goons he’s employed. But Jen wants to smash her way in like a Hulk. Their banter is just too good, but since DD has seniority, he wins this round.

He heads in and proceeds to totally mess up a bunch of goons with some sick moves, and it makes Jacob Schoeneberger yell out loud that Daredevil is back baby! And just as he’s about to take down a bunch more, Jen crashes in from the ceiling and takes them all out with a She-Hulk smash, making him facepalm. This is by far the happiest I’ve been watching a Marvel show in a very long time. They’re perfect together.

They crash into where Luke is being held and Jen frees Luke and talks to Leapfrog while DD takes out the goons. Brilliant scene mixing both action and humor, and it ends perfectly with Leapfrog jumping out the window and forgetting he doesn’t have powers and can’t fly. He gets taken away on a gurney and Luke winds up forgiving Jen and agreeing to make her gala dress. Aww, all is right with the world again.

Jen and Matt have a rooftop discussion about who did all the real heroing and it’s just too adorable. And since Matt is heading back to New York in the morning, he asks if he can take her out to dinner next time he’s in town. But she has a better idea, and they head back to her place for some serious getting it on. It’s really happening, and Jake Schoeneberger hears wedding bells already.

Nikki comes to Jen’s place just in time to see Daredevil doing the walk of shame, and that’s just too hilarious. She gets Jen ready for the gala and they arrive in style. Though the gala features a very strange moment when they give the award to all the nominees. But as Jen is thanking her parents and colleagues, the presentation is hijacked by Intelligencia, the creepy troll site. They show footage to everyone at the gala of Jen when she was getting intimate with Josh. This rightfully angers Jen, and she smashes the wall of monitors to bits. This sets off alarms and everyone runs for the exits.

In the chaos she sees several Intelligencia guys in masks and she runs after them. She catches one outside but then she’s trapped by several soldiers with guns on her. She stops and looks at the camera and we realize that this whole stunt was some sort of ploy to make Jen look like she’s got anger issues. Kind of how any time a woman speaks her mind or is justifiably angered for some reason she gets painted as crazy. Yeah, real nice. And thus the episode ends with the twist Jen promised. And I’m angry for her after I loved the first 90% of the episode.

The Jake Schoeneberger Final Thought on She-Hulk

This episode was a tour de force. It had amazing humor that had me laughing throughout. Then it hit me with emotion having two characters I care so much about getting together. Then it brought it all home with a punch to the gut when Jen got blindsided by Intelligencia. It was smartly written and emotionally powerful and Jacob Schoeneberger is endlessly impressed with this clever and heartfelt show. It does an absolutely remarkable job illustrating the challenges and misogynistic behaviors women deal with daily.

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